My interest in Chinese medicine began in the early 70’s. I learned about Yin/Yang theory, healing with the macrobiotic diet and Japanese Shiatsu massage at the East/West center in Boston. Besides my interest in eastern medicine and philosophy, I have long been intrigued with physiology and how living things work. This early passion led to my study of medical art at the University of Illinois, where I received a Bachelor degree in Medical Art. This study combined anatomy, neuroanatomy and pathology with an art school training.

Shortly after my graduation, I enrolled at the International College of Oriental Medicine, UK. When I returned to the states I got my California State licence and continued my education at the California Acupuncture College and received a doctorate in Oriental Medicine.

My acupuncture influences have included: British Five Element School, Vietnamese/Van Nigh, Chinese TCM, Japanese and Korean Constitutional theory and Korean Hand Acupuncture. I have studied in China and Japan and continue to study with teachers in the bay area.

I teach ongoing groups with the Diamond Logos Academy, working closely with international teacher, Faisal Muqaddam. The Diamond Logos approach is a path of self-inquiry. By learning to inquire one can begin to disengage from reactive or defensive patterns and habits. Diamond Logos aims at a connection to clarity, inner guidance and true nature.