Chinese Medicine includes Qigong and taiji exercise to improve balance, increase immunity, as well as joint and cardiovascular health. 

These exercises are renowned for reducing stress and promoting longevity. Join Raymond for group qigong or private Tai Ji classes

Taijichuan and Qigong classes: Private lessons available

Taijiquan is an internal martial art. Its training methods are intended to develop one’s internal energy or qi for self defense and health. I teach a short ‘form’ Chen style 24 movement set and the complementary exercises of Qigong and Spiral Training.

Practicing taiji has tremendous health benefits that include longevity, increased immunity, relaxation, and better balance. The base practice is to perform a repetitive series of continuous slow moving and circular movements called a ‘set’. There is an emphasis on posture. You organize your body so there is a minimum of muscular tension. Additionally, one puts their awareness on the belly center called the Tan Tien. This focus results in a quiet mind and a grounded presence.

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