"I have a genetic disorder that landed me in the hospital for 3 months at 26. Raymond was with me every step of the way: listening to me when other doctors wouldn't, looking at my blood tests from my western doctors, etc. He literally brought me back from the brink of death, healing both my physical body and my mental anxiety from the trauma I endured. I don't know where  I would be without him in my life." - Jacqui M.

"I feel blessed to have Raymond Himmel as my acupuncturist. From my first visit several years ago, Raymond treated me as a friend, an unique human being, while extending hope and support for a very difficult health issue that he resolved with his expertise and art in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Since then Raymond has been able to successfully address every issue I have presented with the same graciousness, caring and attention to me as a whole person." - Vicki L.

"If you are new to Acupuncture or need a new Acupuncture Healer, I strongly suggest you to go to see Raymond and see for yourself. He has been practicing for so many years that he is now an elder in the community, without being old.  He puts you at ease immediately.  He has already treated someone for what you will need treatment for.  He is confident without being off putting.  He is smart and compassionate. Above all, he is a healer and that is rare as so many people are getting certified in this science and know where to put the needle however few can heal." - Kate S.

"Let me be the friend to refer you to Raymond Himmel, one of the very best acupuncturists I've had the pleasure of being needled by.  He knows his stuff. Trained with the Chinese, 3300 hours, and 20 years in the field?  He takes his time and does a complete Chinese assessment, which includes a non-rushed treatment.  Lovely sense of humor, compassionate, knowledgeable. This is an excellent healer." - Marshall D.

"I've been going to see Raymond Himmel for several years. I live in the East Bay but I go all the way to Mill Valley just to see him. He's treated me for digestive issues, colds, pain --  even weight loss! Raymond is patient, charming, funny, comforting and, most importantly, an expert in Chinese Medicine!" - Linda M.